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VIPEmbed provides an embed video player for streaming and helps you to create a movie & TV shows database including streaming and download links. Basically, this script is developed to better manage to "stream" links and "download " links in one place.

It has many other unique features and I will mention that information in the features section.



  • Username: admin
  • Password: 1234


About Translations Module - ( 35+ Languages Supported )

You can translate the whole theme and movies info to multiple languages easily. Movies info will auto-translate to different languages but you must manually translate the theme files to different languages. Languages files are included to translate template files. You can follow our documentation for more details.

If it does not contain the language you want, you are free to contact me to add it.

On the DEMO website, I haven't translated whole template files to multiple languages, just translated movies info into a few languages. 

Change Log

Version 1.2 (24/03/2022)
- Added: Multiple Languages Supported
- Added: API for adding movies and links to the script
- Added: Find movies by title on admin panel
- Added: Movies Request feature
- Added: Custom Pages
- Added: Adblock detector
- Added: SEO setup fields
- Fixed: Some minor bugs

Version 1.1  (09/03/2022)
- Added: Third-party APIs
- Added: Movies/Tv shows discover
- Added: Dynamic XML Sitemap generater
- Added: Trending, recommend, new release, imdb top pages
- Added: Watch history section
- Added: Default poster and preview images
- Updated: Movies/ TV shows details ( such as country, language, trailer, etc)
- Updated: Bulk import
- Updated: Single download link page
- Updated: Public API
- Improved: Links reporting system
- Improved: Frontend design
- Fixed: Some minor bugs

Version 1.0  (18/02/2022)
- Initial release

  • Embed video player
    Supports playing several videos that you have uploaded to video hosting sites in one player.
  • Translation Module
    You can translate the script into any ltr language which supports UTF-8 characters. Language switcher included with the site.
  • IMDB and TMDB ids supported
    You can use IMDB or TMDB Ids to easily add movies to the site.
  • TMDB and OMDB APIs Supported
    Supports two leading movie databases such as and
  • Trending, recommend, New release pages, etc
    We are analyzing movie data and tracking users' activity will create these pages.
  • Watch History
    We are saving users' lasted watch movies/shows here.
  • Links Protection
    Your streaming and download links are encrypted and also you can enable captcha for extra
  • Powerful Public API
    Public API is Widely supported get movie streaming links or download links
  • Links reporting
    Users can complain if you have entered an incorrect link or the link does not work
  • Advertisement
    supports banner ads and pop ads
  • Download page
    Provides a single page containing several download links
  • Download countdown timer
    Provides a single page with a countdown timer for a single download link
  • Web pages cache
    You can enable web page cache to speed up your site
  • Movies request
    With this feature, users can request their favorite movies which are not been included.
  • Lazy Loading
    Speed up your site by loading images and iframes only as they enter the viewport.
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