Cloud Monster PHP Script


Cloud Monster is a PHP script developed to handle multiple cloud storage in parallel. Much of the list focuses on uploading a file to several cloud storage at once.

In other words, you have to handle the cloud monster and he handles all the cloud drives you entered in parallel.

For example, suppose you are uploading a file to Cloud monster. Cloud monster will now upload the file in parallel to all the cloud drives you have added.

See the diagram below

how it works

Supported File Operations

CloudMonster extensively supports file and folder operations.

  • Upload
  • Rename
  • Move
  • Download
  • Delete

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Supported Hosts

CloudMonster supports more than 12 cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Uptobox, Doodstream, etc.

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Why should you use Cloud Monster?

Sometimes the files you upload to the cloud storage will be removed by the relevant service for certain reasons. (due to copyright issue or due to long time inactive ) In that case, it may be annoying to re-upload the relevant files and update the relevant links on your main website.

But this is not a problem for you who use cloud monster. Consider the following main features.

  • Manage all your files from one place
    • No longer does it need to be exchanged frequently between file hosting websites. It has all the facilities required to easily manage files on multiple drives.
  • Re-upload files easily
    • If a file has been deleted from some drivers, the file can be retrieved from another active drive and uploaded again.
  • File Links Never Die
    • We provide static links for each cloud file. That is, if a file is broken, the file can be re-uploaded without any changes to the relevant link.
  • Automatic detection of broken files
    • This allows you to easily identify broken files

See the diagram below (Auto re-upload) 


username: monster123
password: 1234

Watch this video to understand how to it is working and see admin panel :

More Info :

Got questions?

if you've got any questions, please contact us via the Codester support section or email.

Author Email:  [email protected]

Change Log

Version 1.1  (17/01/2022)
- Added: Remote file upload - (google drive/ direct links)
- Updated: Upload progress tracker
- Updated: Visitors analytics
- Improved: File upload system
- Fixed: Some minor bugs

Version 1.0  (24/12/2021)
- Initial release

  • 12+ Drives Supported
    Supports over 12 cloud storage services that are most useful to you.
  • Large File Uploads
    Full support for uploading large files to cloud storage via chunk upload.
  • Remote Upload
    Upload files via remote file URL. Google drive links and direct files links are supported.
  • Scalable & secure
    Created to fit a large number of files as well as external traffic.
  • Extensive statistics
    Provides extensive statistics on uploaded files and access to those files.
  • Rich Control Panel
    The cpanel is well designed to make it easy for you to handle all the tasks.
  • 100% Source Supplied
    The source code is not encoded at all, you can make changes as you fit.
  • Files Manager
    Full support for moving, copying, renaming and deleting a file or folder.
  • Re-Upload System
    The ability to re-upload a file back to the cloud storage automatically or manually.
  • Fixed Links
    Provides separate fixed links for each cloud file.
  • Drag & Drop Upload
    You can drag & drop your files straight onto the uploader.
  • Realtime Up. Progress
    Provides file uploading progress to the cloud storage.
  • Process Tracker
    Provides info on the major processes that are currently in operation.
  • Live Visits
    Live view of the number of people accessing the files.
  • Easy installation
    It can be easily installed on your server in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Full Supported
    It provides support for all technical issues that may arise during its use.
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