Crash BTC Game NodeJS

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This is the original Crash BTC game script. This game is one of the most popular online games that due to its very limited script, only a very small number of sites use it. This script is making with node js and also uses web socket. This script have user sign-in system, user bet statistics, and money withdrawls management.including live user chat. It is very easy to install. Auto Withdrawls for users, Unique wallet address for each users deposit now is included to script. You can check full user transction history or make your edit on the style. Also, in the updates, we will add more styles. You can let your users know "this game is fair", because the number is generate randomly. It is also smart that it does not allow bankroll amounts to be emptied. That way, you can keep up the good profit. your users will also enjoy the game and can make good profit. Don't remember make ads for your site, so you can get more users and profit. For example, if you do extensive advertising , you can become a billionaire person ! You can try !

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