MultInvest - Cryptocurrencies Investment Script


an Investment web application script for pooled-fund investments, crowd-funded businesses and projects with returns, and HYIP use cases; with support for various deposit methods, including cryptocurrencies. Use Cases With MultInvest script, you can set up your investment company's business website very easily, and start receiving investment deposits through Cryptocurrencies, Paypal, Stripe, PayUMoney, Perfect Money, or Bank deposit/transfer. It is developed to be flexible and dynamic such that you can set things the way you want them, and more importantly, the way they are fit for your kind of investment business. It is built to be able to readily suit many pooled-funds Use Cases, including: Mutual Funds Hedge Funds Lending Investments HYIP Crowd Funding of: Agriculture Real Estates Businesses Startups Projects Crypto-Mining Crypto-Trading/Investments Stock Trading/Investments Commodities Investments Bonds Investments Forex Trading Charity Causes (0% ROI) And other kinds of pooled-capital investments, businesses and projects with returns to investing users. Features Features This script provides: customizable company's website Front-end, Users' Investment Portal, and Administrative Back-end. In general, it makes provision for processes ranging from Administrative Setups, to Users Sign Up, to Investments Funding/Deposits, to Interests (ROI) crediting to Virtual Wallets, to Payouts and more. Below are some tips about what you'll get. Website Front-end - A complete, responsive and editable company/business website (including all necessary pages templates). Users' Investment Portal - Investment account portal for every registered user/investor to manage and follow up with their investments, ROI (Interests), Virtual Wallets, payouts, re-investments, etc. Administrative Back-end - Administrative back-end for general management of the platform. Swift Account Sign Up - Very easy and seamless investment account registration/sign up process. Email Verification and Notifications - Verification and own-account activities email alerts to users. System-wide activities email alerts to administrators. Secure admin and super-admin accounts - Admin categories with varying privileges. Two-factor admin-end login. Multiple Investment Payment Deposit Channels - Multiple deposit mediums to facilitate local and global payments. Simply set your payment gateway account details or digital wallets to start receiving investment deposits. Paypal Cryptocurencies Stripe PayUMoney Mollie Remita Bank Deposit/Transfer Choice of Deposit channels - Enable all or only the Payment channels you wish to receive deposits through. Affiliate/Referral System - Have users invite others to invest, thereby earning some percentage or fixed commission you set. Automated Interest (ROI) creditor - Set the Interest Rates and enable the automated ROI creditor script to manage the routine of crediting Investors Virtual Wallets accurately. Manual Interest (ROI) crediting - When necessary, you may credit Investors Virtual Wallets manually. ROI Re-investment Supported - Users can re-invest their ROI Earnings right from their Virtual Wallet. ROI Payout Request Supported - Users can request withdrawal/payout of their ROI Earnings right from their Virtual Wallet. Very Flexible to manage - Set things exactly how you want them, and how they suit your business. Set Investment Plans - You can set different Investment Plans with varying attributes. Set Min & Max Investment Capitals - You can set minimum and maximum investment capitals for each investment plan. Set Interest (ROI) Models - You can set different Return-on-Investment crediting models. E.g. recurrent: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, five-yearly, etc.; fixed or custom. Set Interest (ROI) Rates - You can set Interest (ROI) Rates [x% of capital or fixed] for the various investment plans & ROI Models. Set Management Fees - You can set Management Fees charged by the company [x% of capital or fixed] for the various investment plans. Set Referral Commissions - You can set the % commission credited to referrers on first and subsequent investments of their referred. Set Minimum Withdrawable/Payout Amounts - You can set the minimum amount

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