PHP Calendar Event Management


A complete and customizable calendar solution that allows you to organize the events you have every month, week or day. It lets you choose the day each week starts.

This calendar supports custom fields where you can add other event information to suit your needs and filter events by your own categories. It can be easily customized to be used for hobbies.

With this solution now they can become dynamic. This is possible thanks to the php class and the jQuery plugin. PHP class and js plugin fetch all events in calendar and events are updated on dragging and resizing without page reload or redirect and with each click on event show event information which can be edited, exported or deleted.

  • Using FullCalendar JavaScript to add and manage events with a PHP calendar
  • Very easy to integrate into your application
  • Using jQuery AJAX to call PHP to handle event CRUD operation with the database
  • Allows the user to drag and drop event instances from one date to another
  • It also supports event resizing to extend or change event duration.

- Import the .sql file into your phpmyadmin to create database and get started.

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