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Crypto Mining System is the PHP Script Made With The Laravel, There are many features and functionality available in this script. This script will help you to start your own mining website. This script is very easy to install and use. Just follow the steps given in the documentation and you will be able to install and use this script easily. This script is affodable and you can customize theme as per You

Our item is simple and efficient way to Manage your Plans, Transactions, Purchases and more...


email: [email protected]
password: demodemo

Included Features

There are many feature included

Admin Panel : 

  1. Manage Plans
  2. Manage Purchases
  3. Manage Deposits
  4. Manage Withdrawals
  5. Manage Users
  6. Manage FAQs
  7. Settings
  8. Deposit Logs
  9. Withdrawal Logs
  10. User Transactions
  11. Error Logs
  12. Contacts
  13. Admin Links ( For Developers )

User Panel :

  1. Dashboard
  2. Deposit
  3. Withdraw
  4. Purchases
  5. Manage Profile
  6. Refer Users
  7. Referral Transactions
  8. Transactions
  9. Withdraw Logs
  10. Deposit Logs
  11. Contact
  12. Latest Withdrawal In Home Page
  13. Latest Deposit In Home Page


  1. PHP 8.0 or higher
  2. MySQL 5.7 or higher
  3. Apache 2.4 or higher
  4. Mail Server
  5. Domain Name
  6. Cpanel - Recommended
  7. SSL Certificate

Installation instructions are included in documentation

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